Domestic Logistics Distribution Services

Domestic logistics distribution service is one of the logistics services preferred to deliver products to end users. With quality, high standards and perfect domestic logistics distribution solutions, we will have successful results. We reply your expectations as Dizayn Konsept with the most ideal services.

Logistics is very important while commercial activities increase every day. You can start to benefit from Dizayn Konsept privileges related with domestic logistics distribution services which became very important with e-trade and other commercial activities. We care about offering you the most special alternatives on logistics. Please take a look at the domestic logistics activities and our ideal services below.


Cold Chain Transportation

Cold chain transportation is one of the domestic transportation services. It is distinguished from other transportation types because products do not leave hygienic environment and stay in the cold environment. This alternative is generally used for food products.

Delivering services to everywhere and every time in Turkey, Dizayn Konsept never make concession to quality. With this characteristic, Dizayn Konsept presents its difference in domestic logistics services. If you also want to benefit from quality and high standard choices, start using our perfect fleet.

Partial Transportation

You can use the most appropriate choices of partial transportation services. It is not always possible to load a complete articulated lorry or container in transportation. In this case small amount of loads are shared inside a vehicle. With this alternative it is possible to have high quality results with efficient prices.

Dizayn Konsept offers solutions to your partial loading demands with efficient costs, specialist staff and insured transportation concept. Besides you will get services from a company which never gives concession to quality. It is enough to make an appropriate choice for high standards, quality and more.


Dedicated Distribution Solutions

You may think that founding your own fleet will be expensive and will bring work load. In this case dedicated distribution solutions can offer you the most appropriate alternatives. Often preferred by e-trade firms, dedicated distribution is also good for chain markets.

Drivers are controlled from a single place, vehicle routes are inspected, no capital is needed and surprise fuel costs are cancelled with this choice. As Dizayn Konsept we offer you the most appropriate choices with our dedicated fleet services.

FTL Transportation

Partial transportation provides perfect solutions in domestic services and gives you chance to prefer quality. So partial transportation is important. But when amount of load is considered, FTL transportation choices can be used better. It will be the most ideal solution for you to make your choice with Dizayn Konsept.

It is enough to focus on an appropriate choice and an appropriate service for high standards, quality and more. FTL transportation will be among the most appropriate choices among Dizayn Konsept services. You can prefer Dizayn Konsept with peace in mind in order to have high standards. Contact us for all these services and more.