Free Storage Operations

Dizayn Konsept offers the highest quality services on free storage operations. You can prefer us to use these services in the most efficient way. Dizayn Konsept has been giving high quality services since its foundation considering customer satisfaction. Storage with or without customs clearance keeps your products in a very safe way. You can prefer us to have detailed service on free storage operations.


What is Free Storage?

These operations, known as free storage or storage without customs clearance, are very important for importation and exportation. The most important advantage of free storage is that stored products are not subject to customs transactions. That is why these storages took this name. Products kept at free storage have generally completed customs transactions. Otherwise they cannot be kept in these storages. Customs transactions of products which do not have free movement right must be done before storage. Otherwise products must be kept at warehouses instead of free storages.

Scope of Free Storage Operations

Products which are not in scope of free movement can be stored using free storage services. On this context Dizayn Konsept offers you solutions. We can list the scope of free storage operations offered by our firm as below.

  • Completing customs transactions is an important process for enterprises and products. When customs cleared products are withdrawn by their owners, they are kept at free storage areas.
  • Our solutions on free storage areas are very safe. Products kept at storages safely are delivered to their owners without any problems. All precautions are taken as in warehousing operations about product storage. These products are stored safely.
  • Everybody executing customs transactions can benefit from free storage operations. So you do not need to have trouble about storage areas of your products.


Prefer Dizayn Konsept for Your Free Storage Operations!

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