Project Transportation

Project transportation is one of the choices preferred for non-standard loads on weight and dimensions. Here safety of transportation is more important. As Dizayn Konsept we prefer quality. Besides we offer you good choices which are appropriate to project transportation.

How are Project Loads Transported?

You can wonder how project loads are transported. Project transportation is carried out as follows.

Formation of Project Transportation

As Dizayn Konsept we consider all demands for transportation operations. Decisions on the way of processing are given and whether loading is possible or not are determined. We always prefer quality as Dizayn Konsept and work hard to have successful results.

Planning for Project Transportation

The first step of transportation is planning. Vehicles to be used and routes to be preferred are determined in this phase. It is enough to focus on the details about execution of project transportation in this scope. Otherwise the tiniest detail will interrupt project transportation.

Determination of Route and Taking Permissions

The most important detail for project transportation is determination of route.  When route is determined, all possible risks must be avoided. If a very long load cannot go on due to route, it will be a serious problem. We make a perfect planning about all these processes as Dizayn Konsept.

We guide you on necessary solutions from related institutions  about permission taking processes. We help to take permissions and to determine whether the road is appropriate for transportation. You can benefit from our services in order to avoid risks during transportation by preferring Dizayn Konsept.

Project Transportation

Is Project Transportation More Expensive?

The belief that project transportation is expensive generally avoids taking this service. Are the prices of project transportation really higher than your expectations?

Project transportation is more difficult than a standard transportation. So it is very important to focus on details about transportation method and project. If you also want to benefit from project transportation, contact us for correct pricing.

Type, dimensions, weight of load, permissions to be taken and transportation method to be used are important for pricing in project transportation. As Dizayn Konsept we make you benefit from the most successful choices of project transportation and offer alternatives with effective prices. Contact us to use our quality services.

Is Project Transportation Risky?

Although transportation processes are always accepted to be risky, we have to say that project transportation is more difficult than many other transportation choices.  As dimensions are extraordinary, the chance overturning of load or falling from transportation vehicle are higher than ordinary loads. Rigorous work of both vehicle driver and road controllers is necessary.

As Dizayn Konsept we want to minimise risks. We offer a perfect process using our experience. You can also apply Dizayn Konsept in order to benefit from the most ideal choices in project transportation. We support you with our experienced team and strict principles. Prefer Dizayn Konsept to benefit from quality!