Maritime Transportation

Maritime transportation means carrying goods on a sea vessel or in a package. Goods are delivered to addresses in a safer way inside containers or vessel holds in maritime transportation. You can contact Dizayn Konsept to make your preference on quality in this scope.

There are many details to know in maritime transportation carried out with sea vessels. You can benefit from Dizayn Konsept privileges for a precise and perfect solution.

Loading Choices in Maritime Transportation

We aim to meet expectations of our business partners in maritime transportation with quality solutions. In this scope we give details on how to carry out loading in maritime transportation. You can also use the most special choices of maritime transportation considering the following issues.

Charter Loading Type

Charter loading is relevant when warehouse is directly on sea vessel in maritime transportation. Charter loading type is generally used to carry high tonnage goods and it is possible to determine transportation fees for this loading type. Thus type of loading is one of the most important factors determining pricing.

Container Loading Type

Container is used as transportation equipment in sea vessels. Containers are generally closed boxes to transport products on sea. But there are alternatives for container types.

Road Transportation

How Are Prices Determined in Maritime Transportation?

First of all, distance between starting and destination points will be considered for maritime transportation. As Dizayn Konsept we also give door to door service, sometimes we determine prices considering domestic transportation services too. But is only distance considered for determination of freight? We consider all details to offer you best solutions.

Flooding Containers

Flooding amount of containers is an important issue in container transportations. No other load can be put on flooding containers and this increases the prices. Pricing can be determined by flooding from top and sides.

If there is no flooding, we can use standard container fees. If you also want to use the most successful choices in this area, contact Dizayn Konsept and benefit from our services.

Handling and Insurance

Handling and insurance are among the most important details in maritime transportation. So if there are handling and insurance transactions in a transportation service, prices will be naturally higher. Handling is fixation work carried out on goods to avoid risks during transportation. On the other hand, insurance is done in order to compensate possible realized risks.

Best Maritime Transportation Choices with Dizayn Consept

If you want to find choices appropriate to your expectations from Dizayn Konsept, you will be able to benefit from the most appropriate choices after determination of destinations. Dizayn Konsept finds the most successful choices in freight and avoids risks during transportation.

We process your demands appropriately in order to manage the process by our specialists. Besides we improve our quality and technological tools to provide the best choices in maritime transportation. You can have detailed information by contacting our team.