Products which are subject to customs tax are stored in warehouses before payment of tax and duties. These areas are located near customs buildings and designed according to international standards. As Dizayn Konsept we store your products in demanded periods and methods. Furthermore we meet your expectations with efficient prices.

Warehouse means place to store goods at customs. Necessary protection services are given in scope of warehousing. You can benefit from Dizayn Konsept warehousing solutions before paying taxes of your goods when you want to keep your goods at customs.

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What are Warehouse Types?

It is possible to talk about different types of warehouses which provide perfect services on protection and storage. Here it is necessary to know the scope of service. You can examine all details related with warehouse types.

Type A Warehouses

These warehouses are accepted as general warehouses where operator has to keep records and pay tax in case of any lacking item. In this sense responsibility of warehouse operator is much.

Type B Warehouses

Users are also responsible in Type B warehouses which are one of the general warehouse types. Responsibility of operator is limited and responsibility of user is determined by law in these warehouses. In this scope operator does not keep records. Here declarations and documents of customs control have importance.

Type C Warehouses

Type C warehouses are accepted among special warehouses. In this sense both user and operator of type C warehouses is the same person.

Type D Warehouses

Both operator and user of these warehouses is the same person. They are also accepted among special warehouse types. Costs on protection and storage of goods in these warehouses are not reflected on customs values. Extra values are not added to prices for operations including handling. As customs value of goods does not increase, tax to be paid by owner of goods does not increase too.

Type F Warehouse

Type F warehouse is one of the general warehouse types managed by customs administration.

What are Advantages of Warehouse?

Warehousing has many advantages. As Dizayn Konsept we aim to diversify advantages as much as possible while offering perfectness with our business partners in warehousing services. You can examine privileges of warehousing below.

Storage of Goods

Imported goods should be protected during or until customs transactions. Goods should be protected against environmental factors, theft, fire and other disasters and warehousing carries out this function. We provide solutions to your demands while answering your expectations as Dizayn Konsept.

Lower Costs

Professional warehousing services decreases costs. Success and knowledge of staff in protection and storage increase privileges of warehousing services.

Dizayn Konsept meets your demands with its deep experience and top quality solutions. You can contact Dizayn Konsept in order to benefit from the most successful choices in warehousing. Contact us for efficient prices, top quality solutions and more.